Integral e

Delegates to the IGC plenary meeting in Toulouse paid a visit to Aura Aero to take a look at the Integral E tow-plane that is in development.
The Integral E is being manufactured at Aura Aero’s factor yin Toulouse , France. Todate, it has been fitted with a petrol engine and CS23 certification is expected soon.

FFVP, the French Gliding Federation has an agreement with Aura to or the supply electric version to be operated as a glider tow-plane.
The Integral E is plannnned to have the capacity for 200 kg of batteries with a 25-30 kWh battery capacity and fast charging design.

They anticipate that the tow plane will be capableof Between 6-10 tows on one charge, depending on the weight of the glider and launch altitude.

In February 2024 a test Integral E had its first ‘power on’ test at Toulouse airport. Aura are planning to begin the aircrafts flight testing program soon. Pending certification, there are currently 12 Integral R and S versions in production. The first tow plane certified Integral E aircraft is hoped to be shipped in 2026.

Aura Aero, founded in 2018 and is based at Toulouse – Francazal Airport.

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