After three racing days Björn Gintzel won SGP Germany with two day wins giving him 20 points in total. Steffen Gottler took 2nd place with 18 points and Tom Arscott came in 3rd place with 17 points. The weather failed to deliver a full competition week, but the well deserving top two pilots will be heading to the SGP Series 12 Finals at St Auban in August 2025.

The next SGP qualifier at Varese Italy takes place 2 - 8 June.

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SGP Germany winners 1


Björn Gintzel had his second day win  coming home in 1st place fo Race 3. He was followed by Tom Arscott in 2nd place and Nils Fecker in 3rd. The task was 174.14 km and Björn completed in with a speed on 98.1 kph.

Germany Podium2


In weak conditions with very wet areas along the track Björn Gintzel won Race 2 at SGP Germany flying the 228.46 km course at 98.7 kph. . Jan Knischewski finish 30sec later. David Bauder was 3rd.

The pilots were flying together until the last leg. About 30 km from the finish they were all very low and it was a struggle to the finish line. Nils Fecker who had been leadingoutlanded while Björn and Jan found a better energy line and finished the race. .

The two seater race saw the firts three gliders podium finishing within 30 seconds of each other. Andreas Lutz and Wolfgang Janowitsch winning the day.

The weather forecast is not good for the following three days. The pilots may only have one more reace to go.

RACE 1 Steffen Göttler Wins Race 1 at SGP Germany


The first race of SGP Germany at Aalen, Germany was won by Steffen Göttler. He flew the 281 km task at 105.5 kph. Jan Knischewski came 2nd followed by Robert Schroder in 3rd.

In addition tothe 20 pilots flying in themain competition 13 two seat gliders are flying a parallen competition. Their first race was won my Andreas Lutz and Wolfgang Janowitsch flying an Arcus.

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