Last Unofficial Practice Day at WGC Narromine

Kawa Geiger Woolley 15m

Tobi Geiger, Sebastian Kawa and Adam Woolley preparing to fly in 15m Class on the last unofficial praqctice day at WGC Narromine.

Sebastian Kawa from Poland is at Narromine to defend his 15m Class World Gliding Championship title. Also flying in 15m, Adam Woolley and Tobi Geiger for Australia invited Sebastian to go over the weather and task for the day.

There was a small window when the conditions were forecast to be good before showers developed. The previous day, Sebastian and two of his Polish teammates got caught out between showers and outlanded at Tottenham airfield. More rain is forecast for the start of the official practice period, which begins tomorrow on 28 November.

Kim Toppari Fin Club

 The youngest competitor to take part in WGC Narromine, 21 year old Kim Toppari from Finland flying Club Class, was looking forward to his flight, only his second in an ASW20.

Yves Gerster SWI 15m

From Switzerland, Yves Gerster with Justine. Yves will be flying his JS3 in 15m Class.

Pavel Loužecký Czechia Standard

 Pavel-Loužecký will be competing in Standard Class for Czechia.


Daniel Summers Aus Club

Australian Daniel Summers will be competing in his first WGC in Club Class.