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e4glide is the fourth eglide format competition is now underway at the Centre National de Vol à Voile (CNVV) in Saint Auban, France 11 - 17 September.

The frst race was won by current the championship  holder, Matthew Scutter flying a 160.34 km racing task. He was followed by Giorgio Galetto and Jernej Lokovsek.


ABOVE: Tilo Holighaus wonRace 2 at e4Glide after a 259.44km race it's followed by Giorgio Galetto and Luka Znidarsic.

You can see the full list of competitors and race results at SoaringSpot

The weather conditions are typically excellent in Provence at this time of year. Entants can expect great soaring conditions and a competetive sporting environment. The weather for the week is looking good so we can expect some interesting races.

CNVV is famous for its excellent facilities. Situated in the French Southern Alps with magnificent mountain soaring terrain, St Auban is an ideal place to host an innovative event and competition like e4glide.

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The eglide format is for electric gliders that are permitted to use up to 2kWh of power in an otherwise unpowered Grand Prix gliding race. The engine power produced by an electric battery of 2kWh is approximately 3,500ft of climb over the distance of the racing task. This is the fourth championship to apply these rules.

Pilots are now becoming used to the opportunities provided by this use of engine power during a glider race. At the last eglide event, the competitors began to develop new strategies. It will be fascinating to see how racing tactics and the glider technology has developed since the last event.

Practise days are 5 - 9 September and the competition action will begin on 11 September.

You will be able to read all about e4glide as it takes place here at Sailplane Racing News.

More information : www.cnvv.net/e4glide
Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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