Elchingen airfield

Aalen-Heidenheim/Elchingen airfield will host the JWGC in August 2026.

Luftsportring Aalen was officially awarded the contract by the International Gliding Comission (IGC) to host the 2026 Junior World Gliding Championships (JWGC).

The IGC also received bids from Australia and Slovenia. The decision to hold JWGC 2026 in Elchingen, Bavaria was taken at the annual IGC plenary meeting at Toulouse 2 March.

Elchingen team

The bidding team from Luftsportring Aalen left to right: Timo Elser, Manfred Streicher, Bernd Schmid, Daniel Albrecht, Alfred Rainer, Jonas Schneider, Florian Paul, Michael Kost, Helmut Albrecht.