Didier Hausse

Podium final

The final two races of SGP Varese were cancelled due to bad weather. Didier Hauss was declared the winner after scoring 35 points in total. Didier won Race 2 and was always in the scoring on each of the five race days. He demonstrated once again that consistency is the key to winning contests.

Didier and Alberto Sironi who took 2nd place have now qualified for the SGP Series 12 Finals in St Auban September 2025.

SGP Italy Winners

1st Didier Hauss  35 points

2nd Alberto Sironi 31 points

3rd Erik Porgmann 27 points

Full race results at sgp.aero/italyy2024



Race 4

Erik Borgmann won the fourth race at Varece flying the 182.67 km task at 109.9 kph. He added 10 points to his total giving him 27 points overall. Didier Hauss performed strongly again taking 2nd place and now has a total of 35 points. Alberto Sironi came 3rd and now has 31 points.

With two more race days to go the winning trio of race 5 are all in good positions to be on the final winners podium at the end.

Yves Gerster had his first day win at SGP Varese finishing the 218.72 km task at 111.2 kph for the fastest race of the competition so far. Alberto Siron crossed the line in 2nd position followed by Katrin Senne.

Yves Gerster

Yves Gerster

Yves now has 18 points putting him in 3rd place overall. Didier Hauss added a further 4 points to his total today keeping him at the top of the points table with 27 points. Alberto Sironi is in 2dn place with 24 points.

Alberto Sironi

Alberto Sironi 2nd place

Katrin Senne1

Katrin Senne 3rd place

Race 3

Gatfield Gerster

Mario Kiessling Wins Race 3 SGP Varese Italy after a 140.71 km race to beat the rain. Mario flew the task at 104.2 kph beating Didier Hauss into 2nd place followed by Jon Gatfield in 3rd position.

After winning Race 2 and coming 2nd in Race 3 Didier Hauss is now in 1st place overall with 23 points. With uncertain weather for the remainder of the contest  he is well placed with potentially four more races to come.

Photo Above: Jon Gatfield with Yver Gerster. Below: The podium after Race 3 with Didier Hauss, Mario Kiessling and Joh Gatfield


Didier Hausse

Race 2

After a short 128.82 km race Didier Hauss crossed the finish line in 1st place completing the task at 99.9 kph. There were rainshowers across the region with difficult soaring conditions. He added 10 points and putting him in the lead overall after two races. Yves Gerster took 2nd place and Erik Borgmann came 3rd place after ahead to head finish Peter Hartmann.


Race 1

Gilles Navas Wins Race 1 at SGP Italy - Varese

Giles Navas

Gilles Navas finished the 187.51 km task to win Race 1 at SGP Varese 2min16 sec ahead of Boris Žorž with Alberto Sironi taking 3rd place. The 20 competing pilots SGP Varese enjoyed good weather on the first day with Giles finishing the race with a speed of 118.5 km.

After the race Giles said there was a thundershower on the last leg and that is what determined the finish to the race.


The winners podium Race 1


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