Sjaak Selen, Netherlands Standard Class is in 5th place after Race 2 but only 48 points behind the leader Makoto Ichikawa, Japan.

The sky was blue across the task area today with some ephemeral cumulus, but still strong thermals of 6 - 10kt. The 15m Class was set a racing task of 437.47 km. The task was completed more slowly than yesterday with the day winner Jan Pavlik, Czech Republic finishing the task at 112.97 kph.  But yesterday's day winner Jeroen Verkuijl, Netherlands finished just .03 kph slower and was awarded joint 1st place. Erik Borgmann, Netherlands took 3rd place, with current WGC Champion in 15m Class Sebastian Kawa close behind in 4th place.


Jeroen Verkuijl, Netherlands

After two days of competition the Netherlands duo Jeroen and Erik are in joint lead separated by just 4 points. Christophe Abadie, France is now ith 3rd place with Kawa in 4th place. The Dutch have got off to a great start, but with Sebastian Kawa not far behind, as always, this contest will be won by the pilots who can maintain a consistent performance over many days and varying conditions.


Erik Borgmann, Netherlands


Adam Woolley, Australia

Australian pilots Adam Woolley and Tobi Geiger, who did so well yesterday, came home in 19th and 25th places today. However Tobi, now in 21st place overall is less then 200 points behind the leader Jeroen, which at this stage of the contest is by no means an insurmountable hill to climb. But, with strong conditions forecast, we will see as the days go by which pilots can maintain their performance and keep within reach of the podium positions.


Tobi Geiger, Australia

In Standard Class, yesterday's winner Australian Greg Beecroft finished equal 12th with team mate Bruce Taylor. As a result he has fallen back to 7th position overall. Mac Ichikawa, yesterday's 2nd place winner took 10th position today, nevertheless putting him in top spot overall.

In Club Class, Hugo Corbille from France took 1st place, but Germany's Stefan Langer, day 1 winner and Uwe Wahlig, the current WGC Champion have maintained their 1st and 2nd place positions overall.

Australian James Nugent came 7th today, but after his 3rd place in Race 1, he maintains his 3rd position overall. James is a top class pilot and one for Australians to watch in this championships. If he can maintain his consistent performance, he has a real chance of a podium position. Could he even beat the German dynamic duo?

Positions Overall after Race 2

15m Class
1 S5 Jeroen Verkuijl              Netherlands            JS3 1           2,000
2 JG Erik Borgmann              Netherlands             JS-MD 3      1,991
3 KW Christophe Abadie      France                      JS3                1,942

Standard Class
1 PB Makoto Ichikawa        Japan                         LS8-t           1,842
2 CC Tom Arscott                 Great Britain              LS8             1,831
3 S7 Laurence Hardman     South Africa              LS8              1,829

Club Class
1 SF Stefan Langer              Germany                    LS3              1,992
2 SN Uwe Wahlig                 Germany                    LS3              1,978
3 Q1 James Nugent            Australia                    LS3              1,968

Full results at soaringspot.com/en_gb/37th-fai-world-gliding-championships-narromine-2023/