The trough that produced the squall line that passed through the task area yesterday evening, was still visable to the east of Narromine in the morning. The air mass on the other (western) side of the trough felt decidedly different - and it was.

Unstable air with thermals and cumulus were forecast. As to be expected with the  passing of a trough (or more commonly a front in Europe), the wind changed direction and was brisk.

As well as the strong winds, up to 30kts at thermal top altitude, the ground in the task area was once again wet. Just how wet was determined by exactly where the squall line dumped water as it went through. Even in Narromine town, the volume of water varied from street to street. The airfield weather station registered 20mm, but some areas had no rain and other locations much more than that.

Trough lines with storm activity passing back and forth across the region are a normal summer weather feature. It is normal that after the rain passes from west to east, the following day or two are affected by  weaker thermal conditions and stronger winds.

Typically, after a day of rain preceded by a few days of the approaching trough, with a variety of confused weather conditions, the weather behind the trough looks great. The air feels cooler, softer and pilots are suddenly enthused by the emergence of puffy white cumulus clouds.

Just as in Europe,  it takes some time for the wind to abate and the ground to dry before a good soaring day is to be had. Was today a good soaring day? Several pilots, some champions and very experienced competitors, were caught out and landed in paddocks (fields) after only a few kilometres on track. There are some red faces and lost places at WGC Narromine tonight.

However, for the pilots who were lucky enough, or good enough, the day was an opportunity to change their fortunes.

Jeroen Verkuijl

Jeroen Verkuijl, Netherlands, 15m Class


In 15m Class, Dutch duo Erik Borgmann and Jeroen Verkuijl who did so well early on in the contest took the top two places flying the 375.32km racing task at 140.99 kph and 140.06 kph.

Despite the passing of the trough, the wet ground and the strong winds, it is clear from these results that it was a very good day at WGC Narromine.

Andre (Manu) Litt came home 3rd, followed by Henrik Bieler, Germany and Tim Taylor, USA who had his best placing of the competition.

Current 15m champion Sebastian Kawa, Poland finished in 11th place followed by yesterday's winner Lukasz Grabowski. As Lukasz said in his winner's interview, the goal for the Polish team is to protect Kawa's lead and they did that successfully.

Sebastian Kawa retains his lead at the top of the 15m Class table, 49 points ahead of Bieler. But with one more race day to come, Sebastian still cannot rest. A master of competition flying, he knows more than anyone how to juggle the need for speed with the required performance to win the championship. Once again, the 16 time World Gliding Champion is in the top position with just one crucial race to go. What an exciting finish to WGC Narromine this will be.

Tomas Suchanek

Tomas Suchanek,  Czech Republic


Rasmus Ørskov, Denmark won his second day at Narromine flying 372.64km at 109.66 kph in the AAT. Roelof Corporaal, Netherlands had his best result, finishing in 2nd place flying 345.22km at 105.21 kph.

Current World Champion Uwe Wahlig once again demonstrated that he is not just a European pilot. He won WGC France in Club Class 2021 in weather that could be hardly more different from the conditions he and German team mate Stefan Langer have encountered at Narromine. Nevertheless, without winning a day he is in 2nd place overall after finishing 3rd today.

Czech pilot Tomas Suchanek finished 4th on the day, followed by Stefan Langer. Australian James Nugent finished 6th, more than enough to keep him in his top position overall.

After 9 races, James Nugent is in 1st place 153 points ahead of German Uwe Wahlig with Stefan Langer in 3rd place overall.

With one more race day to go, the top three pilots look secure in their positions. But with the possibility of landing out or other tactical failures (screwing the pooch) it is still all to play for at WGC Narromine.


Gliders landing at WGC Narromine


Pavel Louzecky had his second day win in a row flying 413.34km at 120.84 kph to gain 938 points as the day's scoring was degraded by several prominent landouts.

Current World Champion Standard Class and previous day winner Simon Schröder finished 2nd at 120.62 kph. Previous day winner Greg Beecfoft, Australia finished 3rd at 118.98 kph, putting him in Silver Madal position in his first ever World Gliding Championship with just one more race to go.

The Polish duo day winners Lukasz Blaszczyk and Tomasz Rubaj from Poland failed to reach the first tunrpoint, landing in a paddock barely 56km from Narromine. Today was clearly a toss of the dice for pilots who were tardy or misjudged the time to start. The Poles were joined in nearby paddocks by previous day winners Bruce Taylor, Australia, Laurence Hardmann, South Africa and Sarah Arnold, USA.

Tom Arscott finished in 6th position but this barely affected his lead at the top of the Standard Class table. As mentioned, Greg Beecroft follows him 374 points behind with Enrique Levin, Germany in 3rd place overall.

In this class the top pilots must maintain an even strain, and not commit any other grave mistakes to be able to enjoy the experience of climbing the three step podium and receiving their World Gliding Championship medals at the Closing Ceremony of WGC Narromine on Saturday morning,16 December.

Sean Young

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